38th Bomb Group Vol. II

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38th Bomb Group Vol. II

Saga of the Sun Setters

The Illustrated History of the 38th Bombardment Group During World War II

Volume II: October 1943 to 1945

by Lawrence J. Hickey, Mark M. Janko and Stuart W. Goldberg with Osamu Tagaya

Short Description

Volume II of the 38th history continues the story through the fall of 1943, completing the aerial campaigns in the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and against the Japanese bastion at Rabaul. Now known as the Sun Setters, the 38th was up to full strength and thereafter continued to play a key role in the campaigns across western New Guinea, winning two more Distinguished Unit Citations, then continuing through the Netherlands East Indies, the Philippines, Formosa and the South China Sea, to the southern islands of Japan, where it participated in the aerial blockade of the Japanese home islands in the waning days of the war. A 38th Bomb Group B-25 dropped its bombs

In the famous Battle of Ormoc Bay against a Japanese convoy in the Philippines on November 10, 1944, the unit won its fourth Distinguished Unit Citation, but also suffered the greatest combat loss in a single action of any B-25 unit that fought in the Pacific war. Over Formosa the 38th was so successful at destroying Japanese fuel-alcohol plants that it earned the nickname of "The Alcohol Busters of Formosa." Throughout these campaigns, the plane belly cameras continued to record some of the most outstanding photographs ever taken during air combat—all spectacularly reproduced in this history.

Volume II of Saga of the Sun Setters includes around 350 pages of riveting text and appendices, approximately 500 photos, a large color section that includes 48 full color aircraft profiles supplemented with several pages of enlarged aircraft markings that are detailed in near-photographic realism, and chronological maps showing the location of every base, mission flown, and plane lost by the 38th Bomb Group in the final two years of the U.S. involvement in WWII. The final installment of the 38th Bomb Group’s story is Volume 7 in the Eagles Over the Pacific series.

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