Harvest of the Grim Reapers Vol. II

Harvest of the Grim Reapers
Vol. II: The Illustrated History of the 3rd Bomb Group During World War II (October 1943 – December 1945)

by Lawrence J. Hickey and Michael H. Levy with Osamu Tagaya

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Volume 2 picks up at the beginning of October 1943 with the continued reduction of the Japanese 4th Air Army at the Wewak airfield complex and the devastating raids by Fifth Air Force on Rabaul during October and November 1943. Shortly thereafter, the unit began 3rdBG2converting to an all-A-20 outfit, and by the end of January 1944, it had relinquished the last of its B-25s for A-20G strafers. The 3rd Bomb Group, also known at times as the 3rd Attack Group, continued its missions, playing a key role in the raids on Hollandia during the spring of 1944, and against targets across the island of New Guinea and the Netherlands East Indies, including the strategic Boela oil fields, and then the Philippines where the unit spent the latter part of 1944 and much of 1945. As the war ended, the unit was re-equipping with the A-26 Invader, a plane type that the Group would eventually take to Japan as part of the Army of Occupation.

This two-volume installment will be Volumes 6 and 7 of the Eagles Over the Pacific series and will contain all of the color sections, 76 color aircraft profiles, including detailed enlargements seen in other recent volumes, and all of the maps and appendices readers have come to expect from an IHRA publication.

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